Protools M-powered with multiple Delta1010 LT

Protools M-Powered 7.3 works on windows sp2 with multiple delta 1010 lt with driver.
ProTools M-Powered 7.4 works fine in win xp sp3 with two delta 1010lt with m-audio driver Delta_WDM_5.10.0.5051.
With both Protools m-powered 7.3 on windows sp2 with Delta_WDM_5.10.00.5057v3 driver and m-powered 7.4 on windows sp3 with Delta_WDM_5.10.0.5051 driver, once installed protools and driver:
1) connect sp-dif out of first delta 1010lt with sp-dif in of second 1010lt
2) open M-Audio delta control panel, hardware settings tab, select Master clock internal for the first 1010lt with sample rate you want, and sp-dif in with the same sample rate for the second 1010lt. (warning! if you have only m-audio hardware, windows can lock sample rate to 44.1. To avoid this assign another audio device in windows control panel, sound and … i.e. the audio device of the motherboard, of the display or the skype usb phone…. what you want)
3) Open protools, open or create a new session: under menu Setup select I/O, and under inputs and outputs click the ‘default’ tab and then ok. Now you can see and work with 16 in and 16 out without any problem!



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