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Mediterranean sea is the ‘crossroads’ between Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East culture

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An album Odissey!

The album Mediterranean Guitars is a small Odyssey; it begins towards the end of the 90’s from a small hilly farmhouse surrounded by horses, overlooking the Adriatic. They were neither Trojan horses with a full belly of Greeks nor rocking horses; but some breeding horses that surrounded the recording studio made with great effort in the cattle farm. Here, five of the songs that are part of the album, were born; including, about Odyssey, Calipso, the Nymph who held Ulysses for 7 years in its island. Three others, including Malta, were written for Floriani’s documentary by M. Angelucci. Pietro Paolo Floriani was an Italian architect who designed and built, in the 17th century, a line of La Valletta fortification (Floriana Lines). The small Odyssey of these songs (some unpublished) did not end up like the original on a small Mediterranean island; but paradoxically and curiously in the ocean of digital publications.

Stefano Mora – spanish guitar, double bass

Roberto Zechini – guitar (trk 3,4,5,6,7)
Massimo Morganti – trombone, accordion (trk 3,4,5,6,7)
Daniele J. Rossi – piano, melodica (trk 3,4,5,6,7)
Massimo Saccutelli – piano (trk 9)
Pia Tirabassi – vocal (trk 3,6)
Alfredo Laviano – drums, percussions (trk 4,5,6)
Roberto Lioli – drums (trk 3,7)
Alessandro Svampa – drums (trk 9)

All compositions, arrangements, sequences, recording, mix – Stefano Mora

• 1. Malta
• 2. Chitarre
• 3. Deserto
• 4. Vertigine
• 5. Mediterraneo
• 6. Calipso
• 7. Vita
• 8. Evoluzione
• 9. Sola
• 10. Il teatro

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